Are Black Women Who Ask Black Men to be ‘Financially Responsible’ ‘Gold Diggers’ 07/27 by AdamsRib | Lifestyle Podcasts

I came across this post on Facebook that alluded to the opinion that there seems to be a double standard when it comes to black/white women and the whole of financial responsibilty. The post mentions what seems to be an 'understanding' that white women 'deserve' a 'financially responsible' man, while black women are expected to 'love broken men'. It also mentions that in return, black men tend nitpick black women all the down to our skin tone and butt size. In this broadcast I'll be discussing why it seems that SOME black men seem to have a double standard when it comes to black women and finance. As usual, I welcome all listeners to call in and share their insights and opinions as to why this minset seems to exist. I look forward to hearing from y'all !!!

Source: Are Black Women Who Ask Black Men to be 'Financially Responsible' 'Gold Diggers' 07/27 by AdamsRib | Lifestyle Podcasts

Mother’s Day Shout Out!!!

This post is my Mother’s Day Shout Out to all mothers/substitute mothers/grandmothers/aunts/foster mothers/female mentors/godmothers/fathers who are pulling double duty/ and person who is being an active positive role model in a child’s life. It also contains an “olive branch” for those who are distant from their children right now. Enjoy your day.

Stop Praying Witchcraft Prayers !!!

Sorry it took long for me to post this. I’m working on being more timely in my postings. This post has TWO PURPOSES. 1. To expose Witchcraft in the local church 2. To teach GODLY, EFFECTIVE prayer practices. And even though I just stated two, I’m gonna add a third one 3. Defend prayer. So you could say this is a “prayer apologetic.” I’m convinced that much of the reason Christian practices don’t get taken is because no one sees Christians doing them or they see Christians doing them WRONG. Prayer is one such practice. I’m gonna dedicate a few of my posts to some basic tenets of the Christian faith. Enjoy….

The Art of Being Proactive (You Have a Right to Protect Yourself)

In this post I’m sharing some thoughts about women’s rights to set boundaries and say “no” to behavior in relationships that they find inappropriate or harmful. Many times we’re guilted into dating/spending time with/ possibly even marrying men we have no peace about and even make us uncomfortable. I hope as you listen to this, you’ll feel empowered to set boundaries and enforce them after listening. 

Be Your Own Fan (The Art of Self Promotion/Investment)

This post is about self promotion/investment. How many times have you purchased a product/received a service/ went to a movie/concert, LOVED IT and raved to other people about it?? Plenty of times I’ll bet. That’s type of promotion is called “word of mouth” advertising (and is generally the best kind and the cheapest) . So when is the last time you were your own “word of mouth” advertising?? Not just in the business sense, but also in your personal life. When was the last you let other people in your life know you are looking to get married?? Many of us (especially women) aren’t taught how to promote ourselves. In fact we’re taught to put other’s interests before our own, then manipulate to get what we want. In this post I discuss why this doesn’t serve our best interests….

The Fellowship of the Unashamed

This post addresses the issue of shame and shaming. Shaming is the act of putting someone on a guilt trip over behavior that has been forgiven by God (the person got recently saved or repented of it in the course of their walk with Christ) OR judging them for behavior that isn’t a sin to begin (i.e. My post on hoe-ifying women for exercising their freedom to travel or prude-shaming women for “withholding sex” from men who aren’t entitled to it in the first place).  It’s a bit ranty (to me, anyway) but hopefully you’ll get whatever point I’m trying get across.