Why I Won’t Be Boycotting Dove Products

The above pictures are from Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty. The campaign has been around since 2005 and is meant to emphasize that a woman doesn’t have to fit into a particular mold to be thought of as beautiful. It’s still going strong.

Now on to the controversy……

Click here to watch the ad.

The link I have you clicking to watch is an ad that Dove ran that features a black woman taking off her top to reveal a white woman and the white woman taking off her top to reveal a woman of Latin(?) ethnicity.

The controversy started because a makeup artist posted a gif of the first two images. The gift left out the Latin woman so it appears like the black woman is shedding her skin to become white. Yeah, right? Not a good look for Dove.

The reason many people were offended was because the GIF brought memories like this one

So you can see why a person would be outraged IF YOU SAW THE GIF ALONE. However, after seeing the FULL AD, I think we’re jumping the gun. Especially, given Dove’s recent history of celebrating beauty in all shapes/sizes/colors.

Click here to listen to my thoughts about why I’m NOT boycotting. Please share your thoughts about this IMPORTANT topic my blog. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.


Why I Hate the Phrase “Know Your Worth” and Her Evil Sister “Love Yourself”

I’m sure many of you have run into the above phrases and while spending time on social. In this post I recorded some thoughts AND reservations I have about those two phrases even though I understand the message of self preservation behind them. Click here to listen to this message. As usual I look forward to hearing (or reading) your thoughts on this topic. I also want to hear your thoughts on the take a knee stance in the NFL right now. I’m gonna post on this topic as well.

A Lesson For Men About The Women They Don’t Own | HuffPost

Another internet “find”. I’ll be back posting this Sunday on BOOKWORM. I’ll be posting a review on the play A Kept Woman which is at the King Arts Complex tonight at 8 pm. I’ll be going live on Facebook to discuss it. Bye.

Black men are the most painful foes for Black women: the trauma of being hurt by your own | AFROPUNK

Found this on Facebook and thought I’d share it. Please share your thoughts on this subject in the comments section. Thank you. Have a blessed Friday…

Are Black Women Who Ask Black Men to be ‘Financially Responsible’ ‘Gold Diggers’ 07/27 by AdamsRib | Lifestyle Podcasts

I came across this post on Facebook that alluded to the opinion that there seems to be a double standard when it comes to black/white women and the whole of financial responsibilty. The post mentions what seems to be an 'understanding' that white women 'deserve' a 'financially responsible' man, while black women are expected to 'love broken men'. It also mentions that in return, black men tend nitpick black women all the down to our skin tone and butt size. In this broadcast I'll be discussing why it seems that SOME black men seem to have a double standard when it comes to black women and finance. As usual, I welcome all listeners to call in and share their insights and opinions as to why this minset seems to exist. I look forward to hearing from y'all !!!

Source: Are Black Women Who Ask Black Men to be 'Financially Responsible' 'Gold Diggers' 07/27 by AdamsRib | Lifestyle Podcasts

Mother’s Day Shout Out!!!

This post is my Mother’s Day Shout Out to all mothers/substitute mothers/grandmothers/aunts/foster mothers/female mentors/godmothers/fathers who are pulling double duty/ and person who is being an active positive role model in a child’s life. It also contains an “olive branch” for those who are distant from their children right now. Enjoy your day.